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About Us

ResinStone™ is a 40 year old proprietary blend of marble powder and high performance resin with fiberglass reinforcement to create what we call a “Light Weight – Lifetime Purchase.” With its amazing stone-like appearance and its all-weather capacity (120° to – 20°): 

ResinStone™ is “The Promise of Resin and the Power of Stone.”

  • Lifetime Guaranty & Warranty, Maintainable & Repairable
  • "Hand Made to Order" in the USA by local artisans - not machine roto-casted in Asia
  • Thousands of unique designs with customization possible creating a virtually unlimited selection
  • Amazing Stone-Like Appearance Ideal for Use Inside and Out
  • Remarkably Light, Strong, Weather-Proof (120° to -20°)
  • Low cost of delivery and ease of repositioning
  • Strong, frost-proof & non-corrosive
  • Acquires a patina furthering its natural stone appearance

Amedeo Design, LLC is a US company featuring pots, planters, urns, and statuary "Hand Made to Order" by highly skilled artisans versed in ResinStone™ a very special and unique material created to last the tests of time.

Repair & Maintainance. Amedeo’s ResinStone™ pots, planters, urns, and statuary are repairable and maintainable. All of our colors are incorporated throughout the product allowing surface abrasions to be erased via sanding or through application of acetone to the discoloration (instructions provided upon request). If there is larger damage or chipping, contact us and we will send out a repair kit to help return it to “like-new” condition.

Lifetime Guaranty and Warranty. ResinStone™ is uniquely manufactured to produce stone-like qualities in which Amedeo Design provides a Lifetime Guaranty and Warranty. If anything undue does happen to your purchase and the damage experienced is so extensive as to be beyond customer self-repair, just arrange for shipping and we’ll fix it for free! (Limitations do apply) Custom Design and Custom Modification. With over 100 years of combined experience and expertise, Amedeo Design can customize nearly any of our pots, planters, urns, and statuary to your specifications. From "Models to Molds to Manufacturing" our design and production teams can achieve nearly any requirements you may have inclusive of materials, colors, textures and shapes.

Year Round Production/Inventory Capacity. Each item is "Hand Made to Order" in the USA making all of our pots, planters, urns, and statuary available year round. You'll not wait for the next shipment to be imported.

Amedeo Design’s Value. By the time you ship, install, and maintain (surface abrasions/scratches are erasable!) your Amedeo pots, planters, urns, and statuary, they will have a value point nearly three times that of ANY competitor whether it be stone, concrete, clay or even other resin products. Our pots, planters, urns, and statuary contain nearly three times the amount of material than our nearest resin competitor. Our high performance resin WILL NOT degrade in any temperature environment or sun exposure unlike all of the low quality resin planters produced in Asia.

All backed by a Lifetime Guaranty.

Contact us at: sales@amedeodesign.com or call us at 800-897-8923.



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